Details For the donation of 5, 10 and 20 Euro you will get a surprise as a reward. This can be for example a voucher or similar. With all other donation you book basically your holiday in the cottage in advance. Get more information about that here . Each reward is valid for up to 6 persons for the respective period. The description “additional day” means that this daycan be added to a normal booking. All   rewards   are   valid   until   using,   inheritable   and   not   personal.   This   means,   that   everybody   who   hands   in   the   voucher   you   will   receive   as   a   document,   gets   the   reward.   The Perks can be redeemed whenever you want. You are not forced to redeem it in a certain time frame. For the donation of 10.000 Euro means “lifelong” a validity of 30 years Also this reward is inheritable during this time and also not personal. All rewards can be combined with other Perks or bookings for the cottage. Our   Perks   are   nothing   else   than   bookings   for   the   cottage   in   advance   to   a   concessionary   fare.   The   date   is   free   freely   selectable.   Depending   on   what   Perks   will   be   chosen,   it   is not possible to realise all possible bookings with the Perks in one year. Every booking with a Perk has to go throgh the usual booking procedure. All rewards can be also sold or used for lotteries.